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Frequently Asked Questions
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William A. Tiller, Founder
William A. Tiller, Ph.D
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As a Scientist, at a fundamental level of nature, what do you think we humans are?

I have been an orthodox scientist in industry and academia for the past 55 years or so, working under the constraints of (1) a distance-time reference frame (RF), (2) positive energy, positive mass, electric-charge-based substances, (3) a velocity, ?, constraint limit of ? =c, the electromagnetic light velocity in vacuum and (4) simultaneous particle and wave behavior of these substances plus relativity theory behavior of such substance as ? ?c. However, my internal working hypothesis has always been, since teenager days, that we are all spirits having a physical experience as we ride "the river of life" together. Our spiritual parents dressed us in these biobodysuits and put us in this playpen that we call a universe in order to grow in coherence, in order to develop our gifts of intentionality and in order to become what we were intended to become, which is co-creators with our spiritual parents! This playpen is a classroom where we learn to express our free will, to make choices, to accept the consequences of those choices which participate in the co-creation of our near and far future, and to heal the collateral damage created from those choices. We are the product of our process and we are built internally and externally by our thoughts, attitudes and actions in this simulator (playpen). We are essentially indestructible in this simulator at a soul level but not at the biobodysuit level but the learning continues via nature's re-embodiment mechanism. We thus come to learn that our present science is very limited in its description of nature and in its current RF for studying nature. Thus, as a scientist in this lifetime, it is partly my responsibility to expand the current orthodox RF and understanding of nature to help bridge the gap between our present cognitive awareness of physical reality plus our distance-time RF and all those other aspects of nature separating this level from the extreme level of spirit!

How did you actually get involved in this very non-orthodox work?

I have written my answer to this question in my book Some Science Adventures with Real Magic, Chapter 1 pages 2 - 7, so here I will be brief.

My wife, Jean, and I began reading about Edgar Cayce, Yogananda, other yogis and mystics in the mid-1950s while I was working as a Materials Physicist with the Westinghouse Research laboratory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1964, when I was invited to join Stanford University as a full Professor with tenure in the Materials Science department, Jean and I became daily meditators. We began to have many experiences with psychics of various caliber and various types of psychic phenomena. I was asked to be Department Chairman in 1965-66 while Jean and I continued our private inner explorations of the seemingly non-orthodox realms of nature in parallel with my very orthodox science research and teaching at Stanford. We took a sabbatical leave from Stanford in 1970 with a Guggenheim Fellowship to Oxford University in order to write one or two books in my orthodox science area, The Science of Crystallization. On the flight to England, I read the book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Ostrander and Schroeder and, although I knew a great deal about this subject by that time, I was impressed with what the Soviets had accomplished.

A key thought kept returning to my mind during this time-period: "How might the universe actually be constructed to allow this seemingly crazy kind of stuff to naturally coexist with the orthodox science research that I was doing every day at Stanford with my Ph.D. students?" I reflected on this question a great deal via my daily meditative process while in England and eventually came to the conclusion that this psychic research area was so important to future humanity that some competent, serious scientists needed to carefully study this area of research. Eventually I realized that one of those scientists needed to be me! However, how was I going to do this with my very busy life as Department Chair with government committees, professional committees, teaching, Ph.D. Students, research proposal writing, scientific papers writing, etc.? Eventually, I decided that I needed to give up (1) my post as Department Chair, (2) my government committees and (3) my professional committees to create a block of time that I could avocationally devote to serious work in this new area. I thus embarked upon a dual path in my search for knowledge and understanding of nature that I conducted in both orthodox and non-orthodox science in parallel with each other for 30 years (until my last Ph.D. student completed her thesis and passed her oral defense in 2000).

What was your goal with this non-orthodox path of research and study?

My long term goal since 1970 has been to help build a reliable bridge of understanding for humans that seamlessly joins the foundations of orthodox science on one end, extends through the domain of the psyche, emotion and mind and is firmly planted in the bedrock of spirit at the other end. And further, that this bridge be made strong enough and reliable enough that, eventually, both normal folks and orthodox scientists would joyfully walk across it.

For this non-orthodox path of activity, I divided the newly created block of time into three equal parts: (1) continued experiential development of self, (2) continued theoretical exploration of the nature of nature and (3) the design and conduct of experiments to push the envelope of our understanding and thus keep the theory honest. In this regard, I have been tilling the soil and planting seeds for over four decades. During that time-period, I have published over 150 scientific papers, forwards to other people's books, 4 books of my own, 2 DVDs and 13 free "White Papers" in the non-orthodox science area. The mass of this work, plus that from others, has shown unequivocally to anyone with an honest eye that psychic phenomena are very real in nature and that such phenomena involved a new category of energies (subtle energies) beyond the four fundamental forces of today?s orthodox science.

Since extensive observations of psychic phenomena have been made at least for the past 150 years, why has orthodox science been so dead-set against believing any of this data?

Since the days of Descartes, the unstated assumption of orthodox science has been that "no human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind or spirit can significantly influence a well-designed target experiment in physical reality." Although this may have been true in Descartes' day, it is certainly not true today!

Although this non-scientific bias is widely held by the orthodox science community, the more dominant reason is that science does not choose to seek truth in nature?s many manifestations. Rather, it seeks internal self-consistency with respect to a particular reference frame (RF) used for their scientific observations of nature. Further still, the currently accepted RF for orthodox science is distance-time (spacetime) and it works very well for all those natural phenomena whose behaviors are distance- and time-dependent. However, natural phenomena like consciousness, intention, emotion, mind, spirit, psychophysiology, parapsychology, love, psychiatry, complementary and alternative medicine, etc., are not phenomena that are exclusively distance and/or time-dependent. Thus, there is really no hope that today's quantum mechanics or relativistic mechanics can, in any way deal with this other category of natural phenomena.

What is needed is the expansion of our current distance-time RF to incorporate an operational RF that can also effectively deal with this particular new category of natural phenomena.

Of course, one must then deal with the hubris of today's orthodox scientific community in order to get them to pay attention to anything beyond distance-time-only phenomena.

How does one go about changing the RF for orthodox science to also include consciousness-related phenomena which are not distance-time-dependent?

I'm not sure that I fully know the correct answer to this question but my intuition has led me to postulate a duplex reference frame (RF) containing two Reciprocal subspaces of which one was distance-time. It is interesting to note that the reciprocal of distance is number per unit distance or a spatial frequency while the reciprocal of time is number per unit time or temporal frequency. Thus, with this particular duplex RF, in one subspace we have a four-dimensional distance (3D)-time (1D) coordinate system for describing all we presently know about our coarse, electric charge-based substance of physical reality. Plus we also have a four-dimensional spatial frequency (3D)-temporal frequency (1D) to describe a type of wave domain whose coordinate system could be utilized to describe the behavior of these natural non-orthodox phenomena.

One of the important qualities of this particular duplex space is that a quality operational in one subspace has a thermodynamic equilibrium conjugate quality operational in the other subspace that is given by a type of Fourier Transform (a variant of the orthodox Fourier Transform). However, for thermodynamic equilibrium conjugate qualities to manifest in the two subspaces, they must be intimately coupled to each other. Thus, two distinctly different possibilities exist, (1) the substances of the two subspaces are energetically uncoupled from each other for some reason and (2) the substances of these two subspaces are energetically coupled to each other. The former we could label the "uncoupled " state of physical reality wherein today's orthodox science operates. The latter we would then label the "coupled" state of physical reality where what I call psychoenergetic science would operate.

How do you define Psychoenergetic Science relative to today's orthodox science?

I have written this out very clearly in my book Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution so here I will be brief. Today's orthodox science has constrained itself to the use of distance-time-only reference frame for the study of positive mass / positive energy types of interactions occurring in electric charge-based matter via a host of experimental variables that exclude any aspect or manifestation of consciousness. Psychoenergetic science expands the host of allowed experimental variables for the study of nature's many manifestations to include those associated with consciousness. As such, this includes all aspects of orthodox science and orthodox medicine in the limit of those natural phenomena that are distance/time-dependent and also includes a host of natural phenomena that are not distance-time dependent but are consciousness-dependent.

To do this, it has been necessary to (1) expand our reference frame for the study of natural phenomena, (2) expand our allowed range of substance velocities to the domain of v>c, (3) expand our allowed range of substance energies to negative values (E<o) and (4) expand our concept of nature and its natural phenomena to many different classes of substance that express themselves in multiple dimensions beyond just space-time. In this way we, at least, have an experiential and potential experimental field large enough to allow humankind to quantitatively explore the vast domain of nature separating coarse physical reality and spirit!

What does this new theoretical model of nature say about humans, their present limitations and their future possibilities?

I have written extensively about this in book Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution Chapter 7, pages 147-149, and in Some Science Adventures with Real Magic Chapter 1, pages 7-10, so here I will be brief.

I will start with my whole person metaphor. Think of a sphere consisting of three zones, outermost, mid and central. The outermost zone, consisting of two layers of uniquely different types of substance, (1) electric charge-based, positive energy and mass substance traveling at v<c and (2) magnetic charge-based, negative energy and mass substance traveling at v>c. This I label the Personality Self , the biobodysuit that we put on when we are born into this distance-time classroom and that we shuck off when we appear to die and depart from this classroom.

The mid-zone, consists of three layers of uniquely different kinds of substance, (3) the emotion domain layer where the substance travels even faster than in layer 2, (4) the mind domain layer where the substance travels even faster and (5) the indwelling spirit domain layer where that type of substance travels still faster. I label this as the soul self, which is the truly evolving self in this entire construct. It perceives through the personality self into this distance-time classroom, much as a deep sea diver works through his/her diving bell into the strange, surrounding environment.

The central zone consists of our high spirit-self, our source-self or our god-self, whichever label one prefers to use.

All of the particles and waves associated with these various substances exist and function in the same general space and these can be divided into two categories, (1) those that function in the "simulator" to create a relative reality and (2) those that function in the fully spiritual domain to create an absolute reality.

For me, my working hypothesis is that consciousness is a byproduct of spirit entering dense matter and that spirit can only attach or bond to information that has been built into the various layers of the whole person by dint of our efforts put forth in this simulator classroom. I see this as one of the major reasons for our life experience in this particular classroom. A second major reason is that infrastructure built into the various layers of our whole self is positive information storage in our planetary system which produces negative entropy creation. This cancels some of the positive entropy (disorder) produced by various natural processes and thus restores thermodynamic free energy (potential) to our planet and solar system. One of the goals of our whole person appears to be to develop a state of coherence at the two interfaces between the three selves.

The seminal book by T. Norretrander, The User's Illusion - Cutting Consciousness Down to Size teaches us that, in the personality self, the information handling capacity of the human unconscious (the inner layer) is about a million times that of the conscious brain (the outer layer at less than 50 bits per second) which interfaces via our five physical senses with the physical reality aspect of our playpen classroom. Thus, we are only weakly conscious at this outer layer level of our personality level. It appears that the inner level does most of the work of accessing information from nature and, after fully processing and digesting that information, fashions small kernels of information to feed to the conscious brain so that it will be able to perceive and experience events occurring in the distance-time aspect of this playpen, however, it appears that the topic contents of these kernels of information are only those to which the conscious brain has heretofore given ?meaning?. Information not seen as meaningful to the conscious brain appears to be ignored, rejected or dumped. It thus appears that for the human conscious brain to become more conscious of this playpen (simulator) it needs to give things more meaning in its life so that the unconscious layer of the personality self can feed it more information about the multiple aspects of nature, both inner and outer, of the classroom environment wherein it is playing.

In our day-to-day world, all of us go to school to learn knowledge, to learn to play, to develop relationships, to develop skills, to develop our psyches and egos, to learn to cooperate with each other, etc. Via this process, we build abundant information and infrastructure into ourselves and our growing egos are largely focused on our individual personality self. In this regard, we are largely unaware of the collateral damage that our thoughts, attitudes and actions do to others. We tend to think that our goals in this life justify any means that we choose to use to attain those goals. This is a great error on our part. Rather, the means we use to attain our goals, even very worthy ones, participate in co-creating the future that we, our children and our grandchildren must live in as a consequence of the collateral damage we have created.

One of the greatest hindrances to our ultimate development in consciousness becomes our personal ego, important as it is to us and to the world. Eventually, one must learn to both develop a strong ego and put it in service to the large whole of humanity. Then the unseen intelligence of the cosmos can work effectively thru you into this world. Then, you will really begin to grow in consciousness!

Would you be willing to share some of your own affirmations that you have found particularly helpful for your own inner-self development in this simulator experience?

The major step that everyone should take, as early in their life as is feasible, is to become a daily meditator. There are many practical methods available to get one started. Just find one that works for you and, when you are comfortable with your practice (perhaps after a year), use your intuition to experiment with modifications to the practice that enhance your experience. My wife and I have altered our specific practice perhaps five to ten times over the past 40 years. It is important to realize that significant changes in self do not occur in weeks to months of practice but rather in years to lifetimes.

A second important step in the experiential development of inner-self management is to practice various breathing and exercise routines like qigong, yoga, HeartMath, Sufism, etc. Once again, seek a process that feels good to you and for you. Try to find one that is joyful for you to practice. In all of this, try to bring periods of reflection into your daily life. Try to be joyful, adventurous and confidently reflective and purposeful in all acts of your life. Consider the process of (1) two steps forward, (2) reflect and (3) one step backward as a small course correction on your trajectory path towards your future goals. In all things, try to maintain balance and harmony in your life and try to remember that one should only try to heal others via "overflow."

In terms of useful affirmations, back in the early 1970s, when I hadn't yet balanced my two simultaneous paths to outer and inner experience and knowledge, there were times when it was necessary for me to focus my attention on the following affirmation in my mind:

"Divine love, divine love, divine love (heart center focus)
divine will, divine will, divine will (throat center focus)
divine light, divine light, divine light (crown center focus)
divine wisdom, divine wisdom, divine wisdom (forehead focus)
are being manifest and materialized in the name of the divine,
I stand in the light of the divine -
no foolish thoughts,
no false imagery,
no fears and no forebodings
can come near this light within me -
for I love it and I serve it!"

I would often repeat each of the first four lines a half-dozen times to bring about a deep attunement and centering. Then, I could comfortably go about whatever task was at my hand to do.

Now, thirty years or so later, I still use this affirmation but I have inserted an additional line between the first four lines after I have repeated each six times. These additional lines (repeated 3 to 6 times) are:

  • Our creator's love flows through me into this world.
  • Our creator's will flows through me into this world.
  • Our creator's light flows through me into this world.
  • Our creator's wisdom flows through me into this world.

This affirmation has brought me a sense of great peace and connectedness over the years. I hope that it does as well for you!